Hey my fellow food fanatics! I’m back yet again with another great ‘budget friendly’ NYC restaurant pick. This week we feature Bubby’s Restaurant in Tribeca. I had the opportunity to eat there about a month ago for my friend Leia’s birthday, and it was AWESOME! Ok so let me begin, I had never heard of Bubby’s until Leia said that was were we would be meeting her for dinner. To much of my excitement she mentioned it was on Hudson Street in Tribeca, which  im obsessed with anyway. I got to the restaurant before my friends to scope the place out, and it reminds you of being in a North Carolina, down home country diner, I mean just listen to the name!

 It’s very cozy, warm, and “Martha Stewart” meets country fried chicken..get the picture? Anyhow let’s get to the best part, the FOOD! The place has a great menu of simple classics mixed up with a little mexican flavor. My fave was the Chicken burritos, and the salsa dip soup. Since it was Leia’s big day we of course secretly told our waitress, and she brought out the most delicious chocolate peanut butter pie that I EVER ate! This was all that remained…

Yeah so, not only was there mouth watering pies, they even have a vintage photo booth in the basement, which we of course could not resist to take some silly photos in…

So in conclusion, Im going to keep it simple, Bubby’s ROCKS! And everyone should visit this great place in the heart of Trendy Tribeca.

Bubby’s Restaurant

120 Hudson Street (N Moore Street)





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