Clae Crazy

Clae sneakers are probably (aside from the $10 Urbanoutfitters Chegg Plimsolls that I buy like every week!) the only label I will spend money on for a great pair of quality kicks. Their design is simple, yet cool and on track with trend, and the countless variety of colors and hues definitely attract my meager little dollars! Substantially less expensive than Common Projects (I will kill someone for a pair) but equally matched in quality and construction they are simply put….DOPE! Below are a few pics of the Thompson shoe, a leather hight top which I plan on owing in the near future (shout out to Mike..good look dude) and will wear until the soles fall off, which luckily for Clae’s great design and construction, shouldnt be for a long while.

Clae Thompson Shoe in Caramel $135

The Clae "Thompson" Shoe in Caramel $135

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