Letter To My Brother

Dear Ubayy,

Moving away from us must be a big challenge for you, I know we have all been together ever since you can remember in Pennsylvania. I know you may think you may never get to see us or spend time with us again, but you are wrong, we are always going to be here for you. Your dad is moving you guys down to Georgia so you can have a bigger house, meet new friends, go to a new school, and become the smart, brave little man I know that you will become. Always remember that we are all here, and we love you always, you  are my little brother and I will never neglect you.

Promise me that you will learn until you cant learn anymore, play until  you cant play any more, and laugh until you cant laugh anymore. You are such a smart young man and I’m proud to be your big brother. We will visit you often and send you goodies in the mail, so get ready! When you told me that you were moving, my heart was broken, I began to cry and wish you couldnt leave then I remembered how strong you are, and how much more brave you are than me. I knew you would be strong, you told mom “dont cry, I will see you all the time” and your right, we are going to visit you every chance we get. I hope you adjust well into your new enviroment and absorb as much of this new area as you can. I have faith in you, I am here for you, I love you dearly.

Your big brother

I Love ya big head!


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