Fashion Week Wardrobe: Return Of The Gentleman


New York Fashion Week kicks off on Friday, and as always I am running around looking for appropriate and suitable outfits for the shows and parties. This year I was faced with a bit of a challenge, how do I look professional yet modern and youthful? The answer came when I was speaking with my BFF Erica and she informed me “Less is more”, she recommended I go with the classics, a pair of simple black fitted pants, crisp with shirt, cotton black bow tie and jazzy evening shoes. She couldn’t have been more of a genius! As I was frantically searching for a three piece suit, pocket square, new shoes and a hat, I realized we are in a recession and I should just wear classic items that I already own and save much needed money. So this year I’m bringing back the classic gentleman, you just cant go wrong with black & white. Turn up the glamour people, this is Fashion Week!

UPDATE: Here is a pic of me at the Venexiana after party on Friday night, what do ya think? I kept it classic as I mentioned I would, crisp white shirt, classic black bow tie and black slacks.



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