Topic: Anna Wintour On David Letterman

Image Source Daily News

Anna Wintour made an appearance on David Letterman last night to promote the September Issue of Vogue and the new documentary  about the making of that issue, entitled “The September Issue” which hit stands Aug, 28th. The documentary is a behind the scenes look at Anna and the staff of Vogue creating the largest and most important issue of the year. Anna was absolutely charming, funny and personable on Letterman (obviously not as how people portray her) When asked by David about why the documentary only shows the more “mature” members of the Vogue staff, Anna chuckles and replies ” Well, Vogue is not only run by senior citizens” It was so funny! Also she promoted”Fashions Night Out” a huge event with big names such as Taylor Momsen, Diddy, Anna Sui and more who will make appearances all around New York, with the purpose to bring the fun back to Fashion Week. The event will take place on Sept 10th and will be kicked off by Anna joined with Michael Kors, the cast of Hair Spray and more at the Queens Center Macys’ Iin Elmhurst, signing Fashion Night Out T-shirts. I’m actually planning on  camping out overnight, so I will be there and post about it!!..I’m not even kidding! This is Anna Wintour people! LOL Here is the video of Anna on Letterman…enjoy!


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