T.B.N Interviews: Okera Banks


The world of fashion is an ever growing bubble of style, glamour and art, and within that bubble are many parts. From photography and modeling to editing and buying, the list goes on, but one part in particular is of great importance to me, styling. Having such an obsession with fashion and style it was only inevitable that The Black Nouveau would interview a dynamic, intelligent and beautiful Celebrity stylist, Ms. Okera Banks.

Celebrity Stylist / Okera Banks

Celebrity Stylist / Okera Banks

 T.B.N: Being a celebrity fashion stylist is without a doubt a glamorous job to have, what do you love most about it?

Okera: What I love most about my job as a celebrity fashion stylist is when my client and I walk away excited and in love with the final look and they get wonderful reviews.  It is like a HUGE A+ for me.

T.B.N: What drove you to become a stylist? What drove me to become a stylist… Hmm, insanity LOL! I’m just playing. Seriously, it’s my passion for fashion, art and life. Fashion is an artistic expression of feeling and what is life without feeling?– especially when you’re feeling and looking really good.

T.B.N: Working with celebrity clients and working on television series probably has its perks, but what are the hardest things about it? 

Okera: I would have to say the most challenging moment for me is staying true to my creative eye and what I know is an amazing look for the particular event, while making sure I give my celebrity client confidence, security and comfort.  When it comes to television, things are a little more challenging because, as a stylist, you still want to stay true to your creativity, provide the celeb client with comfort and confidence, plus you need to make sure the executive producers and the network are happy with the styling of the character for this particular show.

T.B.N: For all of the aspiring fashion stylist’s out there, what advice would you give them on their pursuit of this field of work?

Okera: Work very very hard, don’t become overly anxious to dress anyone, build great relationships with all designers, keep your word in this business because the circle is very small, take care and be very responsible with the clothing you are pulling and returning, don’t steal for yourself or anyone (it is not worth it at all), and remember that even though it’s fashion, it’s still a business and you should conduct yourself as a business person (with flare).

T.B.N: Being a fashion student I get a familiar tingling when Fashion Week rolls around, is that time of the year busy for you? 

Okera: Fashion week is an exciting and important week for fashion.  However, it differs depending on your practice within the business.  If you’re a stylist in the editorial world for a high fashion magazine, then yes it is crazy for you.  If you’re checking out the shows and ordering at the same time, yes it’s crazy.  If you’re shopping for a client and checking your options for award seasons, then as a stylist your plate is moderate. Although, fashion week itself is fast-paced because of the energy and hopping from one show to the next.

T.B.N: What inspires your work? 

Okera: My inspiration comes from quiet a few things: history of costume, history of art, architecture and people. 

T.B.N: Your based in Los Angeles? What are the clients there like there compared to New York clients? 

Okera: I’m  based in Los Angeles and have spent time working in New York and I have to say that there’s not much difference in clientele, because your client could be bi-coastal and live in both states.  What I can say is that, New York sets the tone for what is hot and LA makes it fun and trendy.

T.B.N: What are your dreams and goals for your career? 

Okera: To leave a legacy of my work and my contribution to fashion, in one way or another.

T.B.N: Finally, 5 years from now where do you see yourself?  In five years, I see myself happy with a healthy wonderful family, a published book, clothing line and a hot television show.

The Black Nouveau sincerely thanks,

Celebrity Stylist, Okera Banks &

Joy Donell of 720 PR Beverley Hills, California.

By: James Field / The Black Nouveau


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