Letter From The Editor: A Bloggers Passion

I just don’t know whats been going on with me lately but it seems like I’m lost. Everyday I feel unfulfilled and distracted, nothing seems to work for me, clothes look old, my skin is oily and acne prone, my energy levels are low and I don’t feel happy. Today I woke up and I didn’t want to do anything, I felt like just running away and never comingback, that was until I opened my laptop and began to write. When I blog about things that make me happy, I feel alive, I feel complete, I feel like my passion drive is back. So know when I feel like crap and things aren’t going my way, look out for a blog post about Dior or Hermes or something that you know that I love to write about, and after which I will be beaming from ear to ear with a big bright smile. Do what makes you happy…this makes me happy.




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