Barneys Annual Warehouse Sale

Barneys Co-Op New York

Barneys Co-Op New York

Let the madness begin! Yesterday New Yorkers all alike flocked downtown to kick off the Barneys Annual Warehouse Sale! This is such a big deal, it was even featured in a episode of Will & Grace, where Grace drags her boyfriend to the sale. The sale offers 50 to 75% off shoes, accessories, and designer clothing for men and women. This isn’t your local Gap sale, this is BARNEYS DAMMIT!!!  NOW GO SHOP!!!!

Barneys Warehouse Sale

255 W. 17th St.,( nr. Seventh Ave.)


 Thurs, 8/20–Fri, 8/21 (8–9)

 Mon–Fri (10–9)

 Sat–Sun (10–7)

 Mon- 9/7 (10–7).


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