Topic: Company Of We on New York Magazine


“Company of We Are Menswear’s Newest Design Darlings”

Article By: New York Magazine

Menswear line Company of We is about to explode. Sure, people always say that. But this brand is selling like hotcakes with very little press, no huge presentation, and they just launched in June of this year. Helmed by Jayzel Samonte (a writer) and Christopher Crawford (of Christopher Deane and Sophia Eugene), the line’s ultimate goal is to offer well-crafted clothes to guys who “aren’t about to drop $700 for a pair of shorts,” as Crawford puts it. And the prices are more than reasonable for the structured blazers, soft knits, and graphic tees, with most clocking in under $100 (blazers being the most expensive at the $200 to $300 mark). The duo forged their alliance despite Samonte’s qualms about working with clothes. “I’ve always been secretly consumed by fashion but I have this crazy, mysterious fear of loose buttons. They just really gross me out for some reason — don’t ask me why.” Thankfully, his phobia was overcome and the two melded aesthetics: Crawford’s more ornate sense with Samonte’s modern palette. And in the resulting months since the first collection went online, they’ve sold out of 85 percent of their stock, count Jane’s Addiction and Adrien Brody as fans, and are featured designers on For those of you who must try on before buying, bricks-and-mortar stores are coming, though the boys won’t jinx it by saying who just yet. And though we’re sad there isn’t going to be a fashion show next month to look forward to, we’re crossing our fingers that come fall 2010 they’ll be presenting, and not just for menswear.


Article and Images source by New York Magazine


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