T.B.N Interviews: David Jon Acosta

The passion, drive and tenacity of young talent is truly inspirational. I love to meet young musicians, designer and artist who have a true identity and are working hard to accomplish their dreams. The Black Nouveau interviews David Jon Acosta of GoldSaturn.com on his cool designs, being a Miami native and the goals of this new young talent.

David Jon Acosta / Designer of Gold Saturn

David Jon Acosta / Designer of Gold Saturn

 T.B.N: So David, what inspired you to create Gold Saturn?

 David: Well it was an accident. I was working at a 9-5 and found myself bored all the time. I began doodling on Photoshop and created a few graphics I thought would be sick on a T-shirt. That’s how it all started…

T.B.N: Your Tee designs are so whimsical and fun, what was your favorite creation and why?

David: My favorite creation is… it’s so hard! It’s like asking a mother to choose her favorite child. The “Prescription for Peace” is definitely my claim to fame.

T.B.N: You’re based out of Miami, America’s sexiest city, what is the Gold Saturn customer like?

David: The Gold Saturn customer is the kind of girl or guy that you see across the room and you want to get to know. My T-shirts are definitely conversation starters, and they are not for the wall flower.

T.B.N: What do you love about fashion?

David: I love the art of it. I love graphic designs and I love fashion even more, so I think that Gold Saturn is the perfect mesh of the two worlds that I adore.

T.B.N: Are you originally from Miami?

David: I was born in New Jersey and moved here when I was very young. I love Jersey but its like R&B music, I like it but I don’t want to be around it.

T.B.N: At only 24 years old, you have such a head start on becoming a successful designer, what are some of your goals in the near future?

David: I am not easily satisfied. I want my T-shirt’s on the cover a magazine. I want Gold Saturn to be available at Barneys. And I want an Olsen twin in one of my T-shirts. Until then I’m completely unsatisfied.

T.B.N: Do you see more items such as pants, jackets, dresses etc, evolving from your Gold Saturn label?

David: Yes definitely. I just started doing dresses. I’ve always done headpieces. I would love to branch out and do tote bags, beach towels, rompers, jumpsuits, hoodies, and little pouches to store your marijuana. I know what kids my age need.

T.B.N: Finally, what do you hope to accomplish with your Gold Star brand?

David: Everything.

The Black Nouveau sincerely thanks David Jon Acosta for his time.

By: James Field / The Black Nouveau

Check out David’s latest Collections at www.GoldSaturn.com


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