Are Good Ideas Meditated, Or Do They Just Come Out Naturally?


The brightest ideas don’t always come easy, especially when you’re trying to come up with one. My theory is, your most brilliant ones somewhat comes naturally, and it doesn’t have to be meditated nor planned, it sought of just pops up!! To give this theory a little more balance, I went around asking my friends and family what they thought of this question.

Do you think good ideas come naturally, or does it have to be meditated? 10 out the 12 people I asked this question to, all give me a quick answer. Stating, It just comes To you, it sought of pops up, I think they can come in both ways, I think bright ideas sometimes come naturally. And Out of ten, 2 people give me a well rounded answer.

“I changed my mind, good ideas comes naturally but afterwards it’s mediated because you need to tell someone so that you can get their opinion on it. Moreover; ideas need to be balanced through its pros and cons”. (Skyler Mccrimmon). The second person I asked this question to, is a very close friend of mine.

“Ok bright idea’s comes naturally, because they should not be imitated or fraudulent”. (Tiffany Goff). There we have it, the beginning of good ideas doesn’t always have to be plan nor focused on, because when you do so it becomes frustrating for “ones” mind. Moreover, our brains are nothing more then thinking machines, we are constantly coming up with new ideas every second. Therefore, have your pen and paper handy, just in case new ideas comes rushing your way!


Ab!  Signing off!!



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