André Leon Talley

To complete my “Vogue Trinity” along with Anna Wintour and Hamish Bowles, today’s daily honor goes to André Leon Talley. Editor-at-Large for Vogue Magazine, he has been an iconic figure in the world of fashion for over 25 years. What I feel is the most important point to reflect upon is that he has one of the highest positions in fashion, as a proud African American man. That is truly inspirational for me and shows that you can accomplish anything, absolutely anything, if your passionate about it, and work hard for it. Mr Leon Talley is proof that fashion isn’t just for women, and you can can be black and still reach tremendous success in such a cut-throat and ever changing industry. I honor Mr Leon Talley for his bravery, tenacity, style, grace and his sense of pride in being a successful black man in the world of fashion.


The style is the man himself

– André Leon Talley


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