Hamish Bowles

One of the most influential, dapper and powerful men in fashion is without a doubt, Hamish Bowles. European Editor at Large for Vogue Magazine, he is the defintion of my favorite term “dandy”. His style is classic, colorful and always chic. Through my ever increasing learning about fashion & style, I admit to adopting a few points from his style of dressing. Peak lapels, colorful pocket squares, double breasted blazers, oxford wingtips, and of course the bow tie, are all some of my favorites. In my opinion, American Vogue has 3 main giants that are at the peak of the fashion pyramid, Anna Wintour, Hamish Bowles and Andre Leon Talley. These individuals are iconically associated and in some ways direct a facet of our  lives called , fashion. Hamish is truly a leader in fashion journalism, and a predominate figure in style and the arts.


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