Cafeteria Restaraunt, New York

Cafeteria Restaurant, New York

A great place to go chill and enjoy some inexpensive grub, is definitely Cafeteria. I had the pleasure of eating there during New York Fashion Week last year. Normally I tend to steer clear of the Chelsea neighborhood of New York, no reason really I just think its kind of boring, but that night Cafeteria changed my mind on that! First off the venue is so rad, it sort of has a Miami/Southbeach vibe with the white walls and furniture, and secondly the the food is amazing! My favorite is the Grilled Turkey Burger $11 (avocado, thick cut tomatoes, cranberry ailoi, field greens) and the Mac & Cheese Spring Rolls $9 (served with a smoked Gouda dipping sauce) was absolutely delicious! Cafeteria is definitely a spot to be seen in, with celebs floating around inside, trendy hipsters conversing, and the overall vibe giving off  a sense of glamour and exclusivity to the space.

Cafeteria Restraunt, New York

Cafeteria Restaurant, New York

 Try it out, you may think differently of the word Cafeteria and forget the memory of the dreadful, overly crowded, terrible food serving, obnoxiously loud Cafeteria of your traumatizing High School days…this one is for grown folks!

Cafeteria Restaurant

119 7th Ave

New York, NY 10011



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