First Family Of Style

Michelle & Barack Obama

Michelle & Barack Obama

African-American royalty is rarely seen in today’s society. Rappers, athletes and foreign dignitaries are the closet we may come to having our own “black monarchs”…that was until January 20th, 2009, when we inaugurated President Barack Obama as the leader of our nation. As we did this, we also welcomed him and his family into our lives,  and their fashion sense as well. Michelle Obama, our first lady, is constantly compared to Jackie Kennedy (Jackie-0), but Michelle’s style is all her own, elegant, stylish, bold and brave. She embodies self-confidence, poise and grace, and her wardrobe choices reflect that. She is praised and sometimes criticized for somtimes not wearing  familiar designer labels like Valentino, Chanel or Oscar de La Renta, instead supporting lesser known names such as Isabela Toledo, Jason Wu, and (the gown above) Peter Soronen. As for President Obama, he oozes suave appeal, respect and power, and has obviously been bitten by the fashion bug also. Simple and elegant choices go a long way in a man’s wardrobe, and President Obama has made some excellent choices so far. The Obama’s exude strength and certainty in our times of weakness and uncertainty, and they will continue to shine as the beacons of Presidential style and grace.


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