Cupcake Café

Sugar rush’s are definitely a sporadic disorder that I suffer from, and whenever I need a sugar fix, I visit the Cupcake Cafe. Located on West 18th st, their cupcakes are so delicious, I sometimes go over board (one time I ate 4!), but the array of scrumptious cakes and whipped, buttery icing is overwhelming at times!


I recently visited the cafe on my day of shooting for TBN (The Black Nouveau) in the Meat Packing District and after a long day I was in need of a break, and what better place to go on a beautiful day than to a cafe that is totally comfortable, quite and offers some of the best treats in the city? The Cupcake Cafe is a great place to go on a budget (cupcakes are $2.50 for small and $3.50 for large) and a great place to just relax in and indulge your sweet tooth

Check them out!

Cupcake Café

18 West 18th Street

(212) 465-1530



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