Clinton Kelly

Clinton KellyThe Daily Honor today goes to a gentleman whom I take my style notes from. Mr Clinton Kelly, the style expert counter part to Stacey London, on TLC’s”What Not To Wear” (which I watch religiously) is the suave gent that gives the advice in a no holds bar manner. Kelly is a style analyst and was the Executive Editor at DNR Magazine. His style is a classic mix of essential men’s staples such as, v-neck sweaters, fitted woven shirts, slim blazers, plaid and herringbone, are all donned by Kelly on many “What Not To Wear” episodes. Kelly has been on the TLC hit for over 8 years, offering style advice and direction to unsuspecting”fashion victims”. In October of 2008, Kelly released his book ” Freakin Fabulous: How To Dress, Speak, Behave, Eat, Drink, Entertain, Decorate  and Generally Be Better Than Eveyone else”

Clinton Kelly


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