Time Goes To The Motherland

Arlenis Sosa
Model; Arlenis Sosa
I’m getting hip to the new publications pushing fashion to extreme that it should be (Flaunt, Antenna, Vogue, . I read that with the economy in this condition, the creators of the world are more inspired than ever, and out generation as a whole is looking toward progression

TIME, STYLE & DESIGN has chosen African influences as the theme for this spread, justly, several designers chose to steer their collections in such a direction (special reference to my LV tribal shoe post)

Just looking at this post, i feel “at home” I think it’s because she’s “adorned” rather than accessorized, and the photo quality is manipulated to look like vintage African photography. I like how the model is as strong as the garment too, it’s exaggerated, but plausible, and definitely wearable in my opinion.

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