“Affordable-To-Wear” Fashion Show

For all you true fashion fans out there, you should all know of the annual fashion seasons that occur each year. Fall, Spring, Resort and the Prêt-à-Porter & Haute Couture in Paris, should all be routine for you fashionistas, but wait! We are forgetting a “New” category that should be added the pyramid of  fashion shows, the  “ATW” Affordable-T0-Wear fashion show. A play on words similar to the “RTW” Ready-To-Wear shows, the “ATW” was held last week in New York, and I was honored to attend the first ever event. Held at the Savvy & Co Showroom on West 18th Street, the show was the creation of www.Thevoguecity.com


Now you may ask what does this “ATW” mean? The term is a genius idea of looking chic at great “affordable” prices. I was skeptical when I learned about the philosophy, but it’s actually quite a smart idea. The clothing provided for the “ATW” show was from www.weartodaygonetomorrow.com, an online boutique where you can borrow designer clothing, similar to a movie rental system, and then actually return them!, with savings of up to 80% of retail on everything from dresses, to jackets, the site is a unique opportunity to rock huge selection designer duds. The process is similar to the handbag borrowing website, www.bagborroworsteal.com, where you can rent luxury designer handbags. The idea is brilliant for women who want luxury labels, but not at luxury prices. The clothing displayed at the show was amazing, and all provided by Weartodaygonetomorrow, these are some of the favorite looks..

Photo by Lesley Williams


Photo by Lesley Williams


Photo by Lesley Williams


Photo by Lesley Williams

In my opinion anything that you can borrow at a great bargain is a genius idea, and the “ATW” fashion show really opened people up to this emerging trend of “rentable fashion”, and in this economy that idea is definitely a much needed “bailout” for your fashion buck.

Check out  www.WearTodayGoneTomorrow.com  for more information.

& Also visit  www.TheVogueCity.com  for all the latest New York bargains!

The Savvy & Co showroom

145 W 18th St (between Sixth and Seventh Aves)



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