B Smith’s

B Smith 3Ah my favorite food fans! How are you?, I’m back with yet another great New York eatery for your budget friendly taste buds. Last week was my 21’st birthday and my friends and I decided to dine at a laid-back, inexpensive, and great tasting place. My friend suggested we try B Smith’s on restaurant row on the west side, I had never heard of the place and I’m always wiling to try something new, so I agreed. B Smith is a former black model, turned chef, turned restaurant owner along with home furnishing, she is a true entrepreneur. The restaurant is a excellent blend of classic soul food dishes,  fused with a unique blend of American favorites.  The dish I enjoyedwas the “Swamp Thang” $29,  a delicious blend of shrimp, scallops and craw fish served in a pool of Dijon cream sauce over southern greens, accompanied by a Creme Brule Martini. Dessert was a amazing bread pudding which was mouth watering!

B Smith 2


B Smith 1


Try B Smith’s for delicious food, with a southern twist!

B Smith Restaurant


320 West 46th Street
New York, NY 10036
Phone: (212) 315-1100


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