Venexiana Sample Sale Article

This is an old article I wrote back in April for reporting on the Venexiana Sample Sale. Enjoy!


Venexiana Sample Sale

335 West 35th St 8th Floor


 The Venexiana label is one of my all time favs when it comes to high-level luxury, bold statements, and exquisite fabrics. Not to mention the designer Mrs. Kati Stern is so cool! So when I was informed that the label was having a sample sale, I was so there. Going to the sale on such a beautiful day seemed only right, sure I had to fight through the mobs of tourist’s to get over to the west side, but I told myself this is so going to be worth it. OK, so the sale its self may have looked slightly overwhelming but you have to stay focused, if you were in the market for trendy leather jackets, floaty silk rock & roll tops, and out of this world tweed pants, this was the sale for you. The pieces were from past collections, and the craftsmanship and vision of Mrs Stern is so futuristic, the clothing seemed almost ageless! But if you were looking for subtle and simple….NO! the pieces are total wardrobe collectors items, I mean they were couture for Pete’s sake!


The sale was truly beyond FAB! Featuring past seasons collection items from editorial shoots, and runway shows. Everything was under $100! I mean leather jackets for $60, and chiffon tops for $40, and if you had the stamina to search through everything you may just find a fur bomber jacket…this sale had everything that you could possibly want all in one showroom.


 Did I mention the fur?…I love Venexiana and next time they have a sample sale, of course you’ll be the first to know, but I will not rest until I find something even slightly masculine to buy for myself! The dress above was one of my absolute favorites, priced at $80.


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