Butter 3So as you may or many not know by now, we at The Black Nouveau are very budget conscious. We take pride in looking for bargains, and praise finding good deals. Unfortunately we can slip up time to time, and dare I say it…SPLURGE! Case in point, my 20th birthday last year, my friend’s wanted me to have a memorable, and amazing bash. So naturally I wondered what places in New York were acceptable for a “college budget” and I actually found some great “budget conscious” places, from Pop Burger to Silom Thai. But one restaurant in particluar grabbed my attention, and I was convinced I must have my birthday dinner there….Butter Restaurant. I had remembered seeing it on a recent episode of “Kimora Life in The Fab Lane”  where Kimora Simmons threw her fashion show after party there during New York Fashion Week, and being the die-hard KLS fanatic that I am, I figured we MUST eat there too!

Butter 2

The setting was so magical, it only could have taken place in New York. The food was fabulous, from the soft shell crab, to the fillet migon, to the little cups of flavored butter, to my birthday gourmet “donut” that held a little candle to commemorate my big day. The vibe, space and service was absolutely amazing. Aside from the wallet paralyzing bill, the night was unforgettable, and speaking of birthdays, today is my big 21! Taking note from last year, I’m working with a more “suitable” birthday budget!

Butter 1


415 Lafayette St
New York, NY 10003
(212) 253-2828


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