Kenya by Way of New York

I’ve recognized that summer style has been filled with “ethnically” inspired designs-the majority of which I’m very fond of. The touch and conception of foreign fashion beats that of American taste (it’s more than obvious if we continue to bite their style).

Suno NY, Spring/Summer '09

Suno NY, Spring/Summer '09

SUNO, another newbe in the industry, has drawn it’s aesthetic from the vibrant fabrics of Kenya. Aside from the silhouette, the process is also a matter of discussion. It starts as any garment concept would; skilled pattern and sample makers go to work in the garment district of NYC, and the samples are shipped across the ocean to be mass produced. The website is quoted as saying each garment is “artisinally produced in small workshops”…..yeah.

Suno NY, Spring/Summer '09

Suno NY, Spring/Summer '09

SUNO credits its inspiration from the Kenyan woman, and the prints and fabrics used in their FALL/WINTER look book are all textiles collected from the motherland.

Suno NY, Fall/Winter '09

Suno NY, Fall/Winter '09


Innovative, yes. The basket can go on my head OR my dining room table, but….DO I SMELL A BIT OF EXPLOITATION???? I MEAN, IT IS STILL NEW YORK FASHION, no matter the origin of inspiration.

Comments on the clothes? The concept? The potential conglomerate?


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