Victoria Beckham

Victoria BeckhamToday’s Daily Honor goes to, yeah you guessed it Queen Victoria! or Victoria Beckham as she is known by. Victoria is our Daily Honor recipient today because she is something that few women categorize themselves as, or are offended to be categorized as…A DIVA! Mrs.Beckham is glamorous, over the top, extravagant and envied. Now she wasn’t always like this, (flashback to the Spice Girl days) she was the simple singer of the girl group Spice Girls that took the world by storm.

Then she met and fell in love with this guy named David Beckham (king David) and then together they revolutionized what being a “Celebrity” really meant. She is known for her $2 million dollar collection of Hermes Birkin’s, 5 homes and so much money, that it cannot even be accounted for. But aside from her opulence, she had managed to create a name for herself, starting with the old ad’s for Rockawear and Emporio Armani, and now the DVB collection which she designs and bears her name. Hey why not make a clothing line that offers women (regular women) a chance to feel the Beckham glamour? That’s why we love her and applaud her somewhat courageous attempts to be a “normal diva” but I think that would be asking a awful

Long live Queen Victoria!


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