Derrick MillerGentlemen this is how you do the “Dandy Look” Take note of Mr Derrick Miller, designer of the Bespoke men’s shoe label Barker Black. I have already done a post on Derrick and his brother, but I just had to do another! First off the blazer, custom Thom Browne, next the pants by Paul Stuart, and pocket square, tie and shoes all by Barker Black. The pocket square is a bold burst of color, along with the purple socks, showing that you can play with color as long as you have a dark suit.

“My dad always said the one part of your outfit you should have fun with is your pocket square. This lime green one was in Barker Black’s very first collection, and I pretty much wear it every day. It’s a little outside my comfort zone in terms of how bright it is, but I like how it pushes the envelope” – Derrick Miller


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