Paternal Gratification

Just when you thought you made it over the hump, trying to top last year’s Mother’s Day gift, you’ve suddenly remembered that there’s a second parent, and they get a day too!  Yes, Father’s day is another one of those glorious Halmark holidays where Dad gets paisley ties, cologne and power drills.  Some of you, I’m sure, have that itch to do or give something a little different this year.  I’ve managed to round up a couple of items that will surely say “Happy Father’s Day” or at least top the wool socks you gave him last year.


While I can’t attest to the paternal instincts of Indiana Jones, I can speak for his rugged fashion sense.  Make his next business trip a real excursion with the Indiana Leather Adventure Duffle ($345); crafted by hand of Scottish leather, and equipped with a bottom compartment for shoes and specialty items.  Whip sold separately.


It’s time to upgrade the old fashioned necktie you resort to.  Appeal to his inner Poindexter.  J. Press has developed quite the collection of patterned bow ties to complete any look.  Get this, they’re even on sale, starting at $24!


Give him the gift of beer in in the morning.  Not quite as uncompromising as it might sound.  The Beer Soap Company has Willie Wonka’d soap for him. Their Beer soap ($5; $20/5 pack) is a concoction of 100% beer as the liquid portion, while the rest is made up of a special recipe of olive oil, sunflower oil, unrefined shea and cocoa butters, and more. Available in many types of beer-specific varieties, these bars don’t smell like beer, but instead offer just a hint of hoppy aroma as an additive to more complex aromas.


A man must utilize what little accessory options he has.  For instance, the Shapeways Cufflink Creator’s Custom 3D Printed Metal Cufflinks ($50), are the spice to a white button-up.  Made to order, you have the option to choose text, font and even the shape.


Not so bold?  Stick to what you know, and still make it a good gift.  Dad is a man, and man has essentials that turn is gears.  Sourcing the iconic Crocodile and French brand Lacoste, United Arrows had a special range of polos developed for the brand and boutique. Changing up the body to create a slimmer fit, the polos also include the gray Lacoste crocodile logo as opposed to the usual green version. Available  (and priced) at United Arrows.

Thanks to Object | Kempt and Uncrate.


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