Yoga To The People


 Yoga is a true stress reliever, but paying those crazy yoga class prices can be a stress causer! Fear not, Yoga To The People is here to save the day. Offering free yoga classes based on donation only, they provide yoga for the people by the people. Basic lessons, move at  your own pace, no pressure and a calming environment, offer a tranquil atmosphere for yoga practice.  Yoga To The People offers $2 mat rentals and $1 water bottles. The staff is so caring and polite. On my fist visit they showed me all the basics and helped me when I stumbled on my “downward facing dog” lol. They really understand the focus and precison that s necessary when teaching the lessons, and that is what you look for when you want a great yoga class. 

Yoga To The People

12 Saint Marks Place
2 nd Floor ~ 2-R
New York , NY 10003


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